Own a Boat?

Fishing Reservation Central will promote your boat for you! Our goal is to have all the boats in a given fishing destination registered with our website. We want to make it simple for the customer to see what is being offered in each fishing destination in Mexico, so they can make a decision that suits their needs and budget. This means an opportunity for you to have your boat promoted and marketed through our high quality website. Gone are the small, cheap and low quality images being portrayed in the websites for promoting a boat! We provide you excellent latest virtual tour, still image and video for displaying your boat. We have designed a unique website where the customer can compare types of boats and their amenities, get prices for tours, see reviews from other anglers, look at photos, and take a virtual tour of the boat. The advantage to registering your boat with our website are numerous, and you can be confident that we will be working hard to make this website successful.

Advantage to boat owners:

Advertising- We use our time and money to advertise our website in order to generate customers. When a customer comes to our website what do they find? YOUR boat for rent complete with descriptions, photos, reviews and prices.

Marketing- We have thorough knowledge of how social media marketing works. Fishing Reservation Central will be a presence on Google, Facebook, Twitter and various fishing communities online. We do the work to find new customers in the way most fishing websites don’t.

Promotion- When a satisfied customer leaves a good review about your services, it will inspire confidence in other potential fisherman. Building up a great reputation on a third party website means you really are delivering the services you advertise. It can also ensure you more repeat customers when they know they are getting the best deal out there!

Quality- We use the highest quality images. Our website is user friendly and informative, a place where your boat will be promoted in the most professional manner.

IT IS FREE to register your boat with our website! If you register your boat with us this year, your space on our website will be free. Fishing Reservation Central does charge a commission for each trip sold through our website. But, if we do not rent out your boat, you lose nothing! If we do the work to bring in clients, we get paid. Therefore we have a strong incentive to sell your boat and find customers. If we do not find you customers, you do not pay us and you benefit from our marketing and advertising anyway. It truly is a win-win situation, and we are confident that you will be pleased with the results.

If you want your boat to appear at Fishing Reservation Cental: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.