Jaco/Los Suenos (Costa Rica, Central America)


Who hasn't dreamed of heading off onto an exotic vacation where the beaches are white and beautiful, the weather perfect and the fish practically jumping in your lap? The Jaco/ Los Suenos area is located in Costa Rica Central America, and is a popular tourist destination for many serious fishermen. This resort town offers the chance to bring in marlin, tuna, wahoo and sailfish the year round, thanks to the delightfully warm temperatures of Herradura Bay. You can find fish like grouper, mackerel, roosterfish and many more, so no matter your preference; you can find a great excursion in the waters.


When considering your fishing options, you need to weigh the benefits of using Jaco fishing charters, Los Suenos fishing charter companies can really help your excursion become much more successful. Those companies who provide these types of charter fishing trips typically know much more about the area where the fish tend to stay, how to read the local weather patterns and how to snag in any type of fish you want to catch.


In addition to helping you enjoy your Jaco fishing at a Los Suenos marina, charter crews can also help you know which type of restrictions are in place, and whether you will need to catch and release or can keep your specimen intact. A charter will be your best bet, particularly during the fall and winter months.


The types of fishing charters available in Jaco/Los Suenos can easily let you experience any kind of fishing you like. You can bring your own tackle or let the charter experts provide the right equipment for the day and the conditions. This can be especially helpful for family fishing trips, since you will have assistance on hand for you and your family and will have a much smoother transition and experience.


Consider the fishing memory you want, and how Fishing Reservation Central can really help simplify the process and can also bring a successful conclusion. You want to have the time of your life, and you can enjoy relaxation, excitement and unforgettable catches when you have professionals that can help. Hire the right kind of charter boat through us and sit back, relax and enjoy the fun. 

Jaco, Los Sueños Marina (Costa Rica) Fishing Seasons