Manuel Antonio/Quepos (Costa Rica, Central America)


Costa Rica, Central America is one of the hottest fishing spots in the world. Manuel Antonio/Quepos is an ecologically diverse area, and is home to beautiful parks, as well as great spots for deep-sea fishing. The reefs, rocky coasts and white sand beaches make it a very popular tourist destination. It is also a Mecca for bill fishing, especially in December, when the season gets off to its start.


According to locals, marlin and sailfish become very active during certain times of year, with chances of up to 30 catches a day becoming possible. October brings about the marlin, while December will see the peak season for sailfish. Tuna can be found year round, although they become more abundant in the summer months. Wahoo are not easily found except during the southern tip of Quepos, and the roosterfish – a more inshore type – can be had during the summer as well.


The many bays around the Quepos fishing make it easy for families to enjoy multiple day excursions without getting bored. There are many types of fish to hunt and many ways of getting to them, but one of the most popular options is using Quepos fishing charters. These Manuel Antonio fishing charters services can help determine the unpredictable weather and fish patterns to provide a better quality Manuel Antonio fishing experience, as well as providing safety and security on the open waters.


When it comes to fishing in Quepos, Fishing Reservation can help get you the results you want. Whether you want to snag a giant marlin from the deeps of the ocean or want to grab some roosterfish from the shore, you can get access to all the hot fishing spots, as well as a great relaxing time while you do so. You can enjoy all the excitement of a big game fishing experience without any of the risks when you use professional charters for fishing Manuel Antonio spots.


A good charter boat can determine the weather patterns, the seasonal fishing changes, can ensure you have all the right equipment and tackle and can offer you an unprecedented view of the glorious coastline of Quepos. Whatever your personal tastes and skill level, you can feel and look like a pro sportsman when you have expert help to land the big ones. Bring back great memories and perhaps even a prized trophy from your stop in this Central American paradise. 

Quepos/Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Fishing Seasons