Tamarindo (Costa Rica, Central America)


Central America is awash with beautiful places, and Tamarindo, Costa Rica is no exception. Known for its unusually good deep see fishing spots, this section of coast along the Pacific has extremely deep and warm waters that lends itself to intensely productive fishing areas. You can find wahoo, roosterfish, tuna, marlin, sailfish and snappers, among others in these blue ocean depths.


One reason why Tamarindo fishing is so good in this area is that the coastline features a continental shelf that comes quite close to shore, so a boat charter can hit the good spots in less than an hour. This means that the big fish are just literally very close to shore and Tamarindo fishing charters can take you to all the hot spots no matter what query you are seeking.


Although the prime fishing Tamarindo can offer is during the winter months, depending on the catch you want, you may do as well in the warmer times of the year as well. The windy season will affect the outcome of many fishing excursions, and a good charter boat captain can help you have a good time and catch some great fish despite windy conditions. Visibility is usually exceptionally clear, and the weather patterns predictable.


In addition to hiring a charter boat to help you find the fish, you can also enjoy the food, drinks and entertainment that can accompany a charter boat package. This is especially helpful for families. Fishing with children is a great activity, but one that can also be a little complicated, especially in the deep ocean waters. A charter boat crew can handle all of the little details like the food, drinks, equipment and tackle so all you have to do is relax and fish. Keep your journey stress free and improve your odds of hauling in a big catch.


If you plan on heading out to the waters near Tamarindo, you may want to look into your options for finding just the right type of charter. We in Fishing Reservation Central can help you find the right fish in the right spot, thanks to your experience in this area, and can also make your journey go much more smoothly. We have the information available to help you see our rates, services and packages. Don't miss out on your chance to bring home the trophy everyone will be talking about – charter your excursion to Tamarindo for your fishing vacation!

Tamarindo Fishing Seasons