East Cape (Baja California Sur, Mexico)


If you were to drive along the San Antonio and San Battolo route south of La Paz, you will come across the delightful community known as East Cape. Located on the famous Sea of Cortez, this area is widely regarded as a fisherman's paradise. The beautiful terrain offers many chances to experience East Cape fishing, whether you wish to enjoy fishing off a dock or want to go deep sea fishing for dorado, sailfish, Marlin, yellowfin tuna or roosterfish.


The warm temperatures and tropical settings really create an atmosphere of fun and relaxation whether you are fishing East Cape style or simply want to take in some local diving spectacles. There are many good resorts in this area, conveniently located airports and guest services. Here you can find East Cape fishing charters, no matter the type of fishing you seek. Considered a somewhat remote section for vacationing, you will have no problems chartering a boat whenever you like. You can try your hand at deep sea fishing for sailfish and of course, marlin, or you can try to haul in a roosterfish from the shore.


Most of the best fishing will take place July to Dicember, when the waters bring in the larger fish. Since this section of the globe is considered to be the “roosterfish capital of the world”, you really need to try to snag these 50-plus pound fish from the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. There are many types of aquatic creatures that call this area home.


You may need to pay close attention to local laws regarding the catch and release of certain species, such as the billfish.  In addition, pay close attention to the peak fishing season from March to November, because the north winds that bring in the good sailing can also bring in choppy turf in the sea.


If the wind conditions for fishing in East Cape aren't just right, you can find other activities to enjoy, and even then, your fishing day is not necessarily lost. When you hire professional fishing charter companies with Fishing Reservation Central, they can take you to the areas where the weather will not negatively impact your fishing experience. You can still have a wonderful time no matter the weather; just stay informed and get professionals that can make sure you have a great journey and great experience in this slice of paradise. 

East Cape Fishing Seasons