Ensenada is a Prime Fishing Location

Ensenada fishing is one of the best opportunities by far for those who live in Southern California or northern part of Mexico like Mexicali, Tijuana, Tecate, San Diego, Los Angeles and want to take advantage of the Mexican coastal waters. This is a popular tourist location, known for its restaurants serving unique seafood. Probably the best fishing spot off of Ensenada is Todos Santos Bay, and its peak season is April through October. The outer banks offer the best opportunities from June through September. Finding a good charter makes it easier to take advantage of the many unique fishing opportunities, and both day and overnight trips from this area are quite popular.

An Ensenada fishing charter lets you catch the best fish, especially yellowtail. A majority of people who have fished in this area have caught at least some yellowtail This is not the only type of fish that you can catch by any means. Some of the most popular options that people specifically try to catch include:

Skipjack Tuna, Albacore, Calico bass, Yellowtail Amberjack, Jack Crevalle

These types of fish are most likely to be caught during the peak seasons. However, there are other options that can be caught all year. One thing that fishermen have to their advantage is good conditions, even during the winter months. These other species that are caught in abundance include:

Salmon grouper, White fish, Giant squid, Red snapper, Ling cod, Rock cod

Fishing Ensenada enthusiasts are usually very interested in tournaments, featuring some of the top sports fishing experts in the area. If you want to take part in a tournament, contact us to see when is the next fishing tournament coming up. Winners qualify for other tournaments held elsewhere later in the year. These tournaments are something that serious fishing enthusiasts should never miss out on. Even younger anglers and beginners are likely to be interested in these options.

This is one of the best places to go fishing and a charter is the best way to reach the best fishing areas, as well as take advantage of the unique views that are offered during the trip. Fishing Reservation Central is the place for you to go when you want to book a fishing charter. We let you easily compare that charters that you want to use the most, as well as reserve the charter of your choice. When you want to have the fishing trip of your life, get in contact with us we can help you achieve that. 




Ensenada Fishing Season