Panama (Central America)


Panama is a beautiful country in Central America that is known for its vast terrain, its nine provinces, and the beautiful location right between the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean. Thanks to the geography, fishing in Panama is unusually good and can be used to find almost any type of fish. Since there are so many natural harbors in this area, deep sea fishing is a popular activity and there is a wide range of services for this popular tourist attraction. The reefs can also add a spice of adventure to those who wish to fish in these deep ocean areas.


During the summer, Panama fishing sailfish are good, while fishing Panama waters for Marlin may get you a giant specimen up to a hundreds of pounds when the conditions are right. There are many local fishing tournaments geared around specific fishing seasons, so you can easily find one that will let you shine in your area of interest. The delightful blue waters hold all of the secrets, and if you hire Panama fishing charters thru Fishing Reservation Central, you may have much better luck.


From wahoo to marlins to roosterfish, fishing in Panama offers something for everyone. Depending on the specific area of the coastline and the time of year you visit, you may have access to better spots for certain types of fish.  Charter boats will be able to help you gain the sections and areas that will offer the best chances to land good fish. Anglers who don't have much luck can still relax in this tropical paradise, and enjoy the mountain terrain, white sand beaches and exceptional flora and fauna of this area of Central America.


When looking over your options for hiring Panama charter boats, consider the type of fish you want to catch and whether the charter is an inshore or an ocean traveling vessel. You may want some fast and furious action in wrestling in a giant marlin or may prefer a quieter activity close to shore. Ask for your options and find a captain that knows how to work with the right conditions as well as the right clients.


Typically, you will want to fish in the Pacific Ocean section of Panama, as it offers the best variety and the best options for different types of charters and excursions. There are many unusual varieties, such as the peacock fish, that you simply cannot find elsewhere. Get your unique vacation on the waters near Panama and create lasting memories. 




Panama, Central America Fishing Seasons