Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca, Mexico)


Puerto Escondido is located in Oaxaca Mexico and is home to deep ocean waters, white sand beaches, a huge range of sea creatures and beautiful cliffs and ocean views. Visitors to this area can still enjoy a small town feel in this resort area while enjoying the many opportunities for fishing and sea fun. The fishing here is particularly good, thanks to the warm, deep ocean and the chances for snagging huge marlin, sailfish or dorado.


There are two yearly tournaments or Puerto Escondido fishing fans; you can join in and try to win with tuna or sailfishing tourneys. The fishing here is accessible all year round, but the prime time to catch the big ones is during the warmer summer months, although this type of weather can also cause windy conditions that may make it difficult without guidance. November will feature the sailfishing tournament, and in February you can take place in the tuna competition.


You can not only enjoy access to the big fishing opportunities with Puerto Escondido fishing charters on the open waters, but can also have the rare chance to fish in the deeps of caves. Surf fishing is another unique type of activity enjoyed my many visitors to this area, and you can also simply wade or swim to the reefs that can be accessed easily from shore. A charter is perhaps the best way to enjoy the fishing Puerto Escondido can offer, since it can take you to the reefs or out to the deeper waters as the day progresses.


A charter boat for Puerto Escondido activities can offer many chances to take on new opponents on the open waters. You can bring your own tackle or let the local charter boat captains help you gather your materials to bring in the big ones that can be found and even seen with the naked eye in these crystal clear waters. Children seem to have exceptional fun with this travel destination, simply because of the many types of fishing that can be enjoyed.


When you head out for a fishing excursion in Puerto Escondido, you need to have professional advice and skill available to help you navigate and find the perfect fishing opportunities. You can charter a boat service that will give you the right tools and the right area for landing the “big one” of your dreams. Let Fishing Reservation Central create lasting memories of your vacation to Puerto Escondido!

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Fishing Calendar

Puerto Escondido Fishing Calendar