San Carlos (Sonora, Mexico)


Many people enjoy visiting the San Carlos in the state of Sonora, Mexico for the beautiful weather, stunning local flora and fauna, and of course, for the excellent big fish opportunities that can be found off the Sea of Cortez. Tourists can stop at the many golf courses and local stores and shops as well as enjoy the delightful local seafood dishes from this area. The fishing in San Carlos is highly anticipated by many, and when summer brings warmer sea temps, the larger fish begin to make their appearance. The usually warmer waters is due at least in part to the shallow bays in this area, and brings about a number of unique opportunities for vacationers.


Since the bay of San Carlos becomes incredibly deep just a little ways off shore, many people want to hop in a boat and pursue the larger query such as tuna, dorado, marlins and sailfish. This is possible even for those in smaller boats, since the calmer bay will allow for an easy boat ride for vessels of many sizes. For those tourists that would prefer a calmer approach, the autumn season for San Carlos fishing offers the chance to hang out on the shore and snag some red snapper, sea bass and yellow trout among others.


San Carlos fishing charters are probably the best way to get in a really full day of fishing. The local expert charter captains will know where to find the best specimens according to the time of year, weather and terrain. You can inquire as to whether or not you will need to provide your own tackle or equipment or if they will be provided. You can also bring or rent your own boat, but you will usually have more fishing success if you use local experts instead like Fishing Reservation Central.


If you plan on enjoying fishing San Carlos style, you need to plan ahead and decide whether you want to hop in a boat and head out to sea or will be sticking to the shore. You can make your excursions far easier and more successful if you choose a professional chartering company like Fishing Reservation Central that can take care of all of your fishing needs. From the equipment to the navigation, local experts can make your family or solo trip better than before. Let us help you create lasting memories of a beautiful vacation, a great fishing excursion and a fun experience!

San Carlos Fishing Seasons