Tulum Fishing in Quintana Roo, Mexico




Tulum, otherwise known as Tulum Pueblo, is a delightful and ancient area located in along the Caribbean coast in Quintana Roo, Mexico. As one of the best flat fishing areas in the world. The warm weather will let you enjoy the crystal blue waters and unusual flora and fauna of this part of Southeastern Mexico. Sail fishing is perhaps the most popular type of fishing to be found, and thanks to the varieties of fish found in the waters in Quintana Roo, you can possibly pull in amberjack, sailfish, barracuda or wahoo, as well as marlin.

There are several different types of fishing terrains and opportunities available, so whether you are interested in fly fishing in the salt flats with your solo fly rod or want to catch the waves with deep sea fishing off the area, you can find the fishing adventure you want. You can even try spear fishing, which is still being used by many natives of the Tulum area. Fly fishing is the most popular option, and the unique flats makes this an unforgettable experience for many. The fishing is available year round, but tourists are warned that the best times are between March and June when the season allows for more permit fishing.

The bonefish can be found in the salt flats, and Tulum fishing charters can help you skim your way across the soft and hard bottom flats where you can typically expect to catch up to a dozen bonefish each day. When you participate in Tulum fishing, you will experience the joys of finding exactly the types of fishing you like because professional fishing providers know exactly what to find for your fishing excursion.

If you are going to be fishing in Quintana Roo, Mexico, you need to consider the type of fishing you will be doing and how you want to do it, whether on shore or off. You need to use experienced fishing Tulum experts that can make sure you get to the fish in the right way. Fishing Reservation Central can help you get all the local information about the fishing conditions to ensure that you get to experience the joys of angling how you want it. A charter is a great option, but also don't forget the rare joys of standing on shore of the salt flats up to your waist in warm sea water while fly fishing. 


Tulum Fishing Seasons